20 Groovy Website Resources for Poets and Writers

Absolute Write

A great site for submission markets, freelancing, and forums for writers.
Subscribe to their free e-lists for additional information about any kind of
writing that interests you. In addition, they have a "Bewares and Background
Check" forum that is very

Academy of American Poets www.poets.org

This is a supportive site for contemporary American poets at any point in
their writing careers. Come here for publishing FAQs, poetry events, writing,
and information about other poets.

Authors Guild Online www.authorsguild.org

Catering to those authors who want to brush up on the legal side of writing,
such as contracts and legal rights of work.

Blue Book of Grammar www.grammarbook.com

Invaluable source for anyone who wants to brush up on their grammar,
punctuation, and capitalization rules with the quizzes provided.

Common Errors in English www.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/index.html

Still confused about whether to use its or it's? You're or your? This site
discusses these and many of the other mistakes people make in their writing.

Fiction Addiction www.fictionaddiction.net/

This site provides articles, advice, listings, and workshops for writers.

Funds For Writers www.fundsforwriters.com

You don't have to be a struggling writer all of the time. This site provides
markets, contests, grants, etc. for writers to actually earn money from their

Google www.google.com

Looking for the artist who sings the song that you're writing about in your
short story? This is quite possibly the best internet search engine to find the
most relevant site that you're looking to help you. In addition, their image
search is an excellent source of inspiration if you are a visual person.

Guide writingguide. www.geneseo.edu/

Sponsored by SUNY-Geneseo, this is a wonderful site for beginning writers
for essay-writing information, form, and grammar & usage.

Guide for Postal Addresses www.columbia.edu/kermit/postal.html

Need help in how to address your submission to Canada or to the UK?
out this comprehensive site for any international submission you may make.

Grammar Bytes www.chompchomp.com

Excellent site with interactive tests on commas, fragments, pronoun
agreement, and other grammatical information.

Merriam-Webster www.m-w.com

Want to find the most accurate use or definition of a word? M-W will tell you
the word's etymology, its function, as well as what it means. M-W also
updates with a word of the day.

Preditors & Editors www.anotherealm.com/prededitors/

Vast information for any artist, writer, or composer. Most helpful for the
writer looking for quick information about a publisher or agent.

Social Security Baby Names www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames

Looking for a popular name for your historical novel that takes place in the
beginning of the 20th century? This site will tell you the top 1,000 names
from years 1880 - 2004.

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators www.scbwi.org

Priceless for anyone interested in promoting children's literature. An
organization that works to connect writers, librarians, agents, and publishers
together for a common goal. Plenty of industry information also on this site.

Today's Woman www.todays-woman.net

This is an excellent site for the women's writing community and for promoting
women's creative efforts.

Urban Legends www.snopes.com

Are you wanting to write a story based on an urban legend, or you're not
sure of the legend's history? Check out this fantastic site listing urban
legends, ranging from the silly, to the supernatural, to the serious, to the

U.S. Copyright Office www.copyright.gov

Official site to find the answers to everything dealing with copyrights.

Writer's Digest Prompts www.writersdigest.com/writingprompts.asp

Looking for something to write? Test your hand with one of the daily prompts
that Writer's Digest provides here.

WritersWeekly www.writersweekly.com

An excellent resource for freelancers for jobs, markets, books & courses, etc.
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