P    O    E    T    I    C    O    N
Reading Mr. Morales' sonnets about life and mostly love
written in response to poems by ESVM, one-half of a
conversation about love and life, is fascinating. You keep
wondering as you read what ESVM said that sparked his
response.  Yet, even without her poems in hand, this book is
wonderful.  Each sonnet is fresh and full of fine images such
as, "Nature has contrived to boil our blood . . . we must
comply, so not to nature foil" from
Dear Jane.  From
Columbina, you read, "with ribbons tied to rainbows round
her heart."  I shall reread these sonnets often, remember
new gems from each reading.  If you have ever written a
sonnet, you will truly appreciate what an achievement this
book truly is, a masterpiece

--Lois Read, poet, author of three collections,
Once Upon A Time Is Now,
Breathing Color,
and Walking Barefoot With the Muse
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