P    O    E    T    I    C    O    N
The book of poetry, Too Much Wine Before Midnight: Not Enough Before Noon, is humorously
intoxicating. The tone is established in the opening poem, "A Cup For 32 Poets," when the poet puns
poets' names and weaves a colorful tapestry. "...Auden I be writing / as much poetry as possible? / I
don't have to be a Bishop, / or a Pope, or anything like that / to write religious poetry . . ."

The collection spans the broad spectrum of life experiences satirically, sensitively, philosophically,
and, at times, is peppered with an earthy sensuality.

The reader will identify with many situations and will establish a rapport with the speaker which
induces laughter as in the poem, "People My Age," which laments the trials of aging. "People my age
are / starting to look gross.... /" and, "I'll say damn! people my age / are really starting to look gross,
/ And man, if I'm not there yet-- / I'm pretty damn close!"

The poem “Spring Cleaning Memories" evokes a wistful stirring for anyone who has decided to
dispose of a life time collection and becomes lost in nostalgic reverie.

The poem "Educated," a tribute to his dad, is tender and forceful and establishes a father/son bond
with sage advice given by his father who obviously loved life and had a great sense of humor.

This latest collection of poems by the author Eddie Morales challenges the reader to savor the
philosophical ironies of life sensitively and introspectively and is a must for all who appreciate good

Mario Cavallo, President
Meriden Poetry Society
Meriden Public Library
105 Miller Street
Meriden, CT 06450
Review by Mario Cavallo