Life is a matter of moments and poetry those moments in life that matter.

A poem should contain the exact number of words and lines required, no more, no

The ease of writing rhyming verse comes after the practice of writing rhyming

Revision is the key to all great writing.

If a poem doesn't rhyme, it's a short story.

I write my poetry with the hope that when I die, I don't.

When you think you've written your best poem, think again, and write one better.

The more I learn about poetry, the more I realize how little I know about poetry.

Prose may be clever, and a worthy endeavor, but to make it sublime, one must pen
it in rhyme.

I don't want to write poetry people will read, but poetry they will remember.

I write poetry first and foremost for myself.

Poetry is an ocean in which I can drown and not drown myself simultaneously.

Rhyme is the magic that turns the free verse caterpillar into a butterfly.

I jot down all of my verses because no one will remember poems I have on my mind.

Prose may have meter and rhythm, but it's rhyme that makes poetry.

America is proficient in free verse, but deficient in rhyme.

A poet chooses to write free verse over rhyme because he's either proficient in
both, and prefers the former, or lacks the gift for the latter.

I must attempt to write my verses all before tomorrow, before the maladies of old
age take hold, and I can no longer remember how to rhyme.

In order to take the nursery out of rhyme, a poet needs to grow up.

The language of poetry contains not just simile and metaphor, but all the elements
of prose, plus rhyme and all its forms.

You can't have a complete discussion about poetry without including rhyme.

I don't like being forced to do anything, so I never force a rhyme.

Rhyme is the one element of poetry free verse will never master.

Blank verse is the closest free verse will ever get to rhyme.

It's easier to go from rhyme to free verse than vice versa.

To free verse is to see man. To rhyme is to see the divine in man.

You can't possibly write your best poetry if you don't first learn the language.

I've yet to read a free verse or prose poem I'd like to commit to memory.

When it comes to writing poetry, I'm like a child at play. The moment I stop, I'm

I write poetry to fill in the gaps in my life.

The Sea of Poetry is so immense, I can dive into it, never touch bottom, or ever
reach the other side.

I don’t need mental help because writing poetry is better for my mind than a
psychiatrist, and a lot saner, since I don’t have to pay a hefty fee for it.

There are dozens of ways to rhyme, but only two ways not to: free verse and blank

By definition, to say, "I wrote a free-verse sonnet," is an oxymoron. I either wrote a
sonnet or I didn't.

I usually free verse on my way to rhyme, but I never rhyme on my way to free verse.

Free verse may rule the publications, but rhyme still rules the general public.

Rhyme takes free verse three steps above ordinary prose, which is two steps
behind blank verse.

The way I see it, first comes prose, then free verse, followed by blank verse, and
finally, rhyme.  This makes rhyme the highest form of writing.

Poetry is a gun, and emotion the bullet which strikes the heart.

Poetry soothes my heart, mind, and soul when all else fails.

If there is one thing that brings people together, it's poetry.

Poetry is a two-way conversation between poet and poem.

If ever I'm found to be insane, treat me with poetry.
P    O    E    T    I    C    O    N
It's a shame
rhyme, the
noblest form of
all writing, is
seldom seen in
Poetry is the art
of saying exactly
what you mean
without exactly
saying it.
Don't get me
wrong, I
like free
verse, but I
To write only in
rhyme, or only in
free verse, is to
be only half a
Master the
sonnet, and you
master all forms
of rhyming
There's nothing
wrong with
nursery rhyme
poetry. The kids
love it.
If the poetic forms
were royalty, the
sonnet would be
king, and the
villanelle, queen.
One should be
humble and
accept as fact
the title of 'poet'
when others say
it is so.
The glory of a
poem comes
when the world
says it is great.
The omission of