It is my belief that after so many decades where rhyming poetry has been lacking in our society, and all
but absent today in publications which feature poetry, rhyming verse is do for a major comeback. I call
this comeback
The Rhymist Movement. If history repeats itself, and one movement eventually gives
way to another, as it has in the past, then we are about to see the re-introduction of the old rhyming
forms, and the introduction of new structured verse. Free verse will either have to wait for the next
movement cycle to arrive, or possibly co-exist with the newly emerging rhyming forms, in order for it not
to disappear altogether, as it has been the case with rhyming poetry.

As it is now, there are no masters of rhyme, or none that are being published on a regular basis, but
this may quickly change, and for the better. Poets today or in the near future, as rhyme begins to take a
foothold, will have to be well-rounded poets by writing in the rhyming forms, and not just in free verse.
This would be a wise endeavor, for poets today and poets to come, in order to reach the public
majority which still considers poetry as an art form that requires rhyme.

Poetry is currently at a standstill, stagnant, and I, for one, am tired of seeing many works that sound
like short stories being palmed off as poetry. Good writing may be good writing, but it doesn’t
necessarily make it good poetry. It takes more talent and skill to take the various and wonderful
elements used in prose to create a masterfully crafted rhyming poem than it does to create a
masterfully crafted free verse poem. I am not talking about the nursery rhyme poetry, or the greeting
card verse, that many teachers, established poets, editors of poetry publications, poets who can’t
rhyme, and other adversaries keep harping on every time rhyming poetry is mentioned. I’m talking
about works of art that gave fame to the likes of Shakespeare, Poe, Shelley, Byron, and others. I’m
talking about the true masters, and the true art, of rhyme.
P    O    E    T    I    C    O    N