The ideal way to get published is to submit your finished manuscript to a well known publishing company,
where they pay you to publish your book.  Some of these well known presses are:

1.        Columbia University Press
2.        Random House
3.        The Noon Day Press
4.        Knopf Publishing Group
5.        Bantam Books
6.        HarperCollins Publishers
7.        W.W. Norton & Company

There are many others. You can research these and other companies at the local library or on the Internet.
The other way to get published is to do it yourself. Some of these self-publishing companies are:

2.        CreateSpace (owned by
Author House
4.        Xlibris
5.        Arbor Books
6.        Dorrance Publishing
7.        Trafford
8.        E-Booktime

Large publishing houses publish multiple books each year. Then at the end of the year, they retire the
books that did not meet their sales expectations and continue to keep the books that sold very well in
circulation. The next year they repeat this process again. The books that sell well for the large publishing
houses become their “backlist” titles.  These are the books that continue to sell year after year.  Many
publishing houses make almost half of their profit off of their backlist titles. Their remaining profits come from
their new “bestsellers.” So, your book has to be great to survive. If your book is rejected by the major
publishers, then you have the choice of going with smaller presses or doing it yourself by publishing your
own book. This is where the self-publishing companies come in.

The self-publishing presses charge you for anything they do. What they do for you depends on how much
you have to spend. However, if you only have enough funds to get your book ready for print, and don’t have
the money for extras, it’s up to you, the author, to promote your own book. You will need to be able to buy
numerous copies of your book to take to book stores, poetry festivals, book gatherings, conventions, and
other places. As the author, you get big discounts for buying copies of your own book, and can make more
of a profit if you’re able to sell the books yourself. One method is to do this on consignment. This means you
take your copies to a book store which will display your book, and the store gets a commission for the copies
sold but have no obligation to pay you for those books that didn't sell.

I originally went with Xlibris, but found their prices too high, and I’m switching to Book Surge Publishing for my
next three books which are almost ready.

You have to research these publishers and find out which one suits your needs. You should also understand
that these are vanity presses. They are going to make money from you for whatever they provide, and they
don't make any money if your book doesn't sell and/or if you don't buy any books from them. So, if you want
to succeed, be prepared to do the research and legwork.
P    O    E    T    I    C    O    N